Company Playbook

Say goodbye to chaos & Hello to streamlined operations!

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, the Company Playbook will help you get your business in order.

What's included?

  • Company playbook template (Google Sheet)

  • Standard Operating  Procedures (SOP) template (Google Doc)

  • Quick 8 minute video tutorial - It's not complicated at all!

Why you should enroll today:

Always searching for something in your scattered files?

⏳ Get organized, save time, and boost efficiency when it’s all neatly organized in this digital binder.


Wasting time moving and sharing files?

📁 Streamline operations and simplify your business processes. You’ll finally know where everything is!


Planning to expand your team?

🤝 The Company Playbook is your secret weapon for efficient onboarding. You’ll empower new hires to quickly adapt to your business processes. (without having to repeat yourself)


Thinking of selling your sub box business?

🎀 This doc will tie up your business in a pretty little bow. You’ll be able to hand over your Company Playbook to the new owners upon closing.



What happens next:

After enrollment, you'll get an email granting you access to your training & templates right away. Sorry, no refunds on this digital program. 



$47.00 USD