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Knock out your business plan in 5 days or less with our simple framework.


​✔ Listen to the daily audio training. 

​✔ Answer the daily homework questionnaires. 

​✔ Improve your mindset with the bonus episodes.

​✔ Complete your business plan quickly & with ease.

✔ Get equipped with the next steps to launch!

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After you enter your payment details, you'll receive an email with your login credentials. Many students will do one section per day for 5 days and some binge it all in one day! Do what works for you because you'll get immediate lifetime access to all training. 


We're confident that you'll love the training and that the resources we provide to you will help you earn back your investment when you put them into action! Due to the digital nature of the workshop, refunds are not available. 

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Thanks for making this process so easy and straightforward. I am so so happy. Had the best week, it's been so good! - Danielle

All done!!!!! Loved the bonus episodes!!! Great info! 🎉 - Alexis

That was fun, clear and quick! I am complete! 🦋 - Alicia

All done! Thanks for making it easy, short and sweet! 😍😍 - Samantha

$47.00 USD

Never again wonder what video content to make with these 50 short form video ideas.  PDF download. ONLY $10! (Reg $27)