• Details on the essential supplies you need to run your warehouse PLUS quick links, saving you hours of research

  • Training on the ins and out of receiving bulk products at your home-based business. 

  •  An entire module dedicated to staying organized in your packing and shipping workspace

  • Tips for a smooth and efficient shipping process PLUS my secret weapon to keep shipping costs down.

  • Lifetime access to your student portal



  • Bonus 1: Interviews with successful sub box owners that DIY their box fulfillment: Take a peek behind-the scenes for inspiration and helpful advice.

  • Bonus 2: Inventory Spreadsheet template -  Use this to manually track loose inventory in a streamline and sharable  doc. Perfect if you want to sell excess inventory in bulk to other box owners. 

  • Bonus 3: Packing Day Checklist -  Use this for organizing your  workspace for packing day! Available as a PDF download and an editable Canva template. 

  • Bonus 4: Vendor Tracker:  Use this template to track your favorite vendors all in one place. It will be a great go-to doc each month when you are ready to place product orders. 

  • Bonus 5: Monthly Product Planner:  Use this for organizing your game plan for each box. Available as a PDF download and an editable Canva template. 



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We're confident that you'll love the training and that the resources we provide to you will help you earn back your investment when you put them into action! Due to the digital nature of the workshop, refunds are not available. 

$25.00 USD