Master Planning Template

You can run your entire subscription box with this spreadsheet. ($197 value!)

The Master Planning template is a digital dashboard that will organize your day-to-day decisions and will help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

This will be home base for planning your boxes. Track products, revenue, expenses, profitability, marketing and more! 

What's included?

  • Master planning template (Google Sheet)

  • 12 minute video tutorial 

The Master Planning template has 5 tabs:

  1. Instructions

  2. Your monthly planner template (duplicate this tab for each box when you plan it)

  3. Month One (just to get you started!)

  4. Annual tracker (big picture overview of stats)

  5. Marketing tracker (big picture overview of what is converting) 

Can be used for any shipping cadence - monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

Why you should enroll today:

  • You want to plan your boxes in one place, with quick access to past box information. 

  • You want to see all the most important numbers in a quick glance - like revenue, expenses, boxes sold, profitability.

  • You want to improve your product curation and actually stick to your product budget.

  • You want to simplify your work and ground yourself in the same "home base" each day.  

 What happens next:

After enrollment, you'll get an email granting you access to your training & templates right away. Sorry, no refunds on this digital program. 

If you are already a Subscription Box Bootcamper, this template is already in your Pre-launch modules!


$97.00 USD


Add the "Company Playbook: Everything in one place" to your order now. (Only $47)

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to streamlined operations! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, the Company Playbook will help you get your business in order.

🗂️ Think of it like a digital binder where you'll store all your ops information, like tech stack, SOPs, job descriptions, important links and more.

Includes a template and an 8 minute training video.