What if you could get it DONE in 5 days flat?


The Box Business Plan Workshop is the proven framework for aspiring subscription box entrepreneurs where you'll create your business plan, improve your mindset, and actually have fun during the process!

​You’ve read blogs, watched a bunch of videos, and googled till your brain hurt...but now, you feel more confused than ever.
You're pretty sure you need a business plan but don't know where to start.
You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step in order, making the process easy.
The Box Business Plan workshop is what you need! 

Your 5-Day Experience: 


​✔ Listen to the daily audio training in the BBP learning hub. 
​✔ Answer the daily homework questionnaires. 
​✔ Improve your mindset with the bonus episodes.
​✔ Complete your business plan in just 5 days!
​✔ Get equipped with the next steps to launch!
Plus get access to your coaches via email and chat!
There is no live component to this workshop so you can do it at your pace...most complete one section a day but some binge it all in one day! Either way, you'll get lifetime access upon enrollment.
Yes! I'm ready!

What you'll map out

Day 1: Your Business and Objectives - Get a high level summary of what your subscription box business is all about, why you are starting your business and what you hope to achieve.
Day 2: Your Target Customers - Get clear on your ideal target audience. You can’t be everything to everyone, nor should you try. Getting to really know your ideal customer is crucial.
Day 3: Competitive Research - Take a deep dive into your market and the key players in the industry. It will allow you to assess how prepared you are to compete within this market.
Day 4: Sales and Marketing Plan - Understand how you plan to attract and engage your customers in order to achieve your business goals.
Day 5: Operations Plan - Outline how your business will be operated. Subscription box businesses have a lot of moving parts, so it's important to set yourself up for success with a solid foundation.

How to make the most of this workshop:

After enrolling, you will receive a welcome email within minutes that includes your login to the BBP learning hub. This is where you'll find all the training and homework links. You can access it on any browser or via our free app hosted by Kajabi.
Log in and start listening to your pre-game episodes right away. Then, carve out about an hour each day to do the work. You'll get full course access upon enrollment in case you want to get through it faster.
Each day of BBP, you will listen to that day's training, then fill out your homework which is formatted as an online questionnaire. After you submit it, your answers will be automatically sent to your email in a simple and clear format. Save your answers to copy/paste onto your business plan template (provided) or simply print them out and put them in a binder! BOOM! DONE.
 Plus we'll provide you with next steps so you can continue your momentum from the week!


Your Coaches

Julie Ball

Julie is the head coach at Subscription Box Basics and founder of Sparkle Hustle Grow, a multi-six figure subscription box and online community for female entrepreneurs, which she sold in August 2022

She has a knack for brainstorming creative solutions for your sub box problems and has extensive experience in sub box operations, product sourcing, and pre-launch. She's helped hundreds of women launch their own box business through her signature course, Subscription Box Bootcamp.

She loves traveling, the outdoors and music - She's probably listening to her favorite boy bands or Snoop right now.

Renae Gonzalez

Renae is the marketing coach at Subscription Box Basics and founder of Sub Box Creative, helping subscription box owners with their creative strategy.

Her work as Director of Customer Experience at Sparkle Hustle Grow for 5 years helped the team win multiple awards, including the People's Choice CUBE award. 

She is the hype girl you need to get your marketing and customer service on point.

When not camping in her travel trailer with her family, you'll find her looking for cheap flights to Hawaii or planning the neighborhood food drive.


Why this format?

Great question! This workshop focuses on audio content, delivered conveniently via browser or app. We know you are busy and want you to get some quick wins. The audio feed makes it easy to consume the training in a way that fits your schedule - maybe it's on your commute or as you are walking the dog. Point being, it's more likely you'll make time to listen than to sit down for a lengthy video or live training...we want to get straight to the good stuff and inspire you to action. 



What is the time commitment? 

Plan to carve out an hour for each of the 5 sections to listen to the training and to do the work. 



Is there one on one support or live calls? 

While this workshop does not include one on one coaching calls, you will get access to your Coaches, Julie and Renae, via email and on the website chat.



How do I get a copy of my business plan? 

Each day, you will answer an online questionnaire related to that day's training. After you submit the questionnaire, your answers will be automatically emailed to you in a simple and clear format. Save your answers or simply print out your business plan emails and put them in a binder! Easy peasy! You can even copy and paste them into your own google doc or other branded materials if you plan to present them to investors or for business loan applications. We'll provide a business plan template!



Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the enrollment? 

Nope! Once you are in, you are in. You will receive a special offer that will help with your next steps but there is no obligation to continue working with us. (We hope you do, though!) Our end goal for the week is that you walk away with your sub box business plan completed.



What is the refund policy? 

Due to the digital nature of this program and that contents are available immediately upon enrollment, there is no refund available. I'm confident that this program will provide far more value than it costs, but if you have any questions prior to enrolling, use the live chat widget or DM us on Instagram

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